Personalised Oak Sign


Solid Oak Sign personalised to your requirements. The Oak Sign will receive 4 stages of treatment to maximise it’s appearance should it be kept outside.

The sign will also come with a nice beveled edge and two pre drilled holes for the 2 smaller sizes (20cm & 25cm). The larger sizes will come with routed key hole hangers into the back.

5 sizes are available:

• 20cm x 8cm £15

• 25cm x 8cm £20

• 30cm x 10cm £25

• 35cm x 10cm £30

• 40cm x 10cm £35

(Please note that these measurements are the back of the sign and that the bevelled edge reduces the size of the flat front face/surface by 1cm round the perimeter)

Upon receiving your order we will send you a CAD design of the personalised text for you to proof read therefore please keep an eye out as we will need you to confirm.

The engraved text will come painted in black although please let us know if you prefer to not have it painted.

We can also do custom orders if the above sizes don’t work for you.


20 cm x 8 cm, 25cm x 8cm, 30cm x 10cm, 35cm x 10cm, 40cm x 10cm